24x30 Acrylic on canvas. NOTE: Original comes framed in gold frame and wired for hanging (see image 3).

do stars think about us like we
think about them and
do they see us as burning balls of fire or
selfish little toys because

we are too busy fighting here to
share our light with them and
maybe that's why Toys-R-Us closed cuz
it takes millions of light years to cross our thick skulls and

truth resides largely in unspoken words
imagination in unpainted lines
broken chains in the circle of humanity
but bound chains break us inside

monsters birthed out of forsaken seas
the new Loch Ness being unity
even the moon comes back around to complete herself
why can't we?

shooting stars drop knowledge for more than sport
a fiery epic on how life is short
so go out in love and go out in light, my friend
we are all beings of light, be it star or human

Original painting and poem by CJ Monét.